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Code of Conduct - Children


Code of Conduct for Children attending Southside Playball classes.

How I treat myself:

If I play below my best but try my best, I should not blame myself for a defeat.
A defeat, the same as a victory, is brought about by a team.

Players from opposing teams
  • I should shake hands before & after the match.

  • I should treat our opponents with respect.

  • I should wish them well whether they win or lose.

  • I should never deliberately hit an opponent.

  • I should never lose my temper.

Our Own Team Coaches
  • I should respect our own team coaches, during training and at matches.

  • If I’m not picked to play in a match, I shouldn’t complain.

  • I should never use bad language.

  • I should never be cheeky or back answer our own team coaches.

  • If our own team coach is giving a pep talk or advising us, I should not interrupt.

Supporters & Coaches of Other Teams
  • I should respect adults supporting and coaching other teams.

  • I should not use bad language.

  • I should never give cheek to them.

  • I should wish them well if I meet them after a game.

Fellow Players
  • I should respect our fellow players and treat them as part of a team.

  • The team includes the players and the substitutes – the full panel.

  • I should show loyalty to everyone on our team.

  • I should encourage my team mates and support them, even when they make mistakes.

  • I should remember my team mates are always trying their best.

  • We should play as a team, not as a group of individuals.

  • I should respect the referee as he/she is in charge of the match.

  • I should never give cheek or use bad language to the referee.

  • I should remember that I can never change a referee’s decision no matter what I say or do. A referee’s decision is always final.

  • If the referee’s decision seems unfair, I should not give out, sulk, blame other people; instead I should get on with the game.

  • I should shake hands with the referee and thank her /him after the game.

  • When participating in sport organised by Southside Playball, I agree to follow the above Code of Conduct. Coaches have the right to choose teams to represent the school in competition. Teams/substitutes will be chosen with regard to ability and in as far as possible there will be a number of varying ability teams.

In the event of children breaking the above code.
Notes for Children
  • We operate a red and yellow card system.

  • A yellow card is given to you as a warning to control your behaviour.

  • A red card means –

    • You will be told you are given a red card and why.

    • Your parents will be called a told not to send you to our class the following week.

    • You may then return to the class after one week’s exclusion and the matter is forgotten.

Note for Parents
  • The payment for the week of exclusion will not be refunded to the parents.

  • Parents are within their rights to withdraw their child from our classes at any time.

  • A full refund will be given if a child has only been in the class for two weeks and wants to leave because the class doesn’t suit him/her.

  • A partial refund will be given if a child breaks a limb or injures themselves and is unable to take part in the class. A refund for the remaining weeks will be given.

  • If a parent removes a child from the class after a red card incident – no refund will be given unless it is within two weeks of the class starting.

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